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Explore the Certus legacy: a decade of pioneering in customer service excellence. Our commitment to innovation drives your business forward, ensuring growth and success.

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Our linguistic prowess is evident in our capacity to engage customers in over five languages, ensuring a global reach and inclusivity in communication. Operating tirelessly around the clock, every day of the year, we guarantee our clients' continuous access to premium services and support.

Join us on a journey through our history of innovation, dedication, and unwavering focus on customer satisfaction. Discover how Certus Solutions has become synonymous with excellence in customer service, forging lasting relationships and driving business success through strategic communication and unparalleled expertise.

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Since our inception over a decade ago, evolving into Certus Solutions GmbH in 2015, we have consistently set the benchmark in delivering exceptional customer communication services. Our expertise spans across a diverse range of offerings, from individual project assistance to comprehensive strategic outsourcing, reflecting our deep commitment to excellence in every interaction.

At Certus Solutions, we pride ourselves on pioneering advancements in customer relationship management and expanding our expertise into the realm of online services. Our adept team excels in a variety of specialized areas, including project-centric telemarketing, enduring outsourcing partnerships, meticulous secretarial tasks, and reliable on-call support, demonstrating our versatility and commitment to quality.

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